Friday, February 3, 2012

Cheap Eats!

On BET's The Game's past two episodes, Jason while trying to change, has never strayed too far away from his "cheap" roots.  In Episode 4, he ventured to the "hood" and found an economical goldmine at a local eatery which featured soulfood in abundance including all you can eat shrimp.  In Episode 5, Chardonnay sneaked hot wings into the movie theater and Jason pulled out potato skins while revealing that he'd also stuffed sour cream in his pants, thus solidifying their "Sounds of Blackness". 

Now this post dares not suggest that Black people are the only people who sneak snacks into the movies or frequent frugal food joints that feature some of our most decadent treats.  People travel far and locally to their "hoods" to enjoy an abundant economical meal.  GirlTD is one of them and thought it fun to share some of our favorite "hole in the wall" joints in some of favorite cities, featuring a variety of delectable treats.

First up, Saber Country, San Diego, California

You want a warm and friendly vibe, great catfish, collards, potato salad & rice and gravy in a timely manner?  Sister PeeWee's is your place.  Located in the Grant Hill district, this place is a local hit and thanks to Chardonnay, just now may be on Jason's GPS.  Next stop, Los Angeles...

Sister PeeWee's, San Diego

Los Angeles, California

If Jason ventures up the road a bit, probably one of the most famous of them all guessed it
Roscoe's  House of Chicken and Waffles

One can't visit L.A. and claim they've never been.  There are a number of locations, Sunset & Gower probably the most famously traveled, however with multiple locations throughout the city and the "hood", GirlTD recommends the Pico Blvd. shop.  It's spacious, friendly, service is fast and the food is good.  GirlTD's favorite: #9 Country Boy, three wings and a secretly mixed waffle, topped with whipped butter and hot, sweet maple syrup.  Yummy!

Next Stop, New York, New York

Mama's Soul Food, this traditional Soul Food eatery allows you to pay by the pound instead of the entree.  Buffet Style you get to eat as much or as little as you want.

Let's travel Westbound over to Newark, New Jersey

Je's, located in the heart of the newly rennovated city, Je's a local mainstay features a varied menu, down home service, lunch and dinner with a smile.  With a full service bar, you may be able to catch an up and coming Native Newark musical act as well.

Je's pronounced (Jay's), Newark, NJ

As we travel 95 South, we land in Richmond, Virginia where you'll land at the place that sends the  Colonel back to Kentucky.  Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken, previously nominated for Best Fried Chicken for Steve Harvey's Hoodie Awards, serves up hot chicken in original and crispy recipes that taste like grandma's.  If you're making a quick run for take out or your go-to the next time you're asked to bring a dish.

Finally we move over to the Mid-West where you can get a taste of Soul from a former Ikette, St. Louis, Mo's own Sweetie Pies Kitchen also featured on OWN, The Oprah Winfrey Network.  Here you get great food, the best atmosphere, huge portions and some varitable entertainment.

Miss Bobbie, former Ikette, Chef Sweetie Pies Kitchen, St. Louis, Mo

Share your "cheapeateries" from your favorite city with GirlTD. Calling on Chi-Town, Atlanta, Memphis Bama and more.  In which city and place can you get your "Eat-On" for cheap?

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