Thursday, July 17, 2014

MY FEET IN THE SAND: I Hope You Dance...

LACMA Latin Night
As I dance!
I can find the rhythm of life in anything.  My thoughts dance in my head.  My fingers type at a syncopated rhythm that I don't control, just know when it appears and flow with it.  My tongue dances when I'm speaking or singing in a language between God and me, a language he created for and about me.  My body adjusts to rhythms around me without thought that movement is not only eminent but inevitable.  And although chemotherapy has sometimes taken away my ability to move without challenges and with quirky rhythm, I know I have to dance.

The song, I Hope You Dance, although covered many times over, first came to me by Oleta Adams, one of my favorite vocalist, musicians that embodies the soul of the music she gives.  And it is a song of Belief and promise......I hope you never feel those mountains in the distance, I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean, I hope when one door closes, one door opens.....

As the lyrics continue to resonate with me, I realize when I am doing, being purposeful to do those things, I am dancing while doing it. 

People are sometimes uncomfortable with me when I dance.  I dance when I'm happy.  I dance when I need to distance myself from negativity and sadness.  I dance when I taste something so amazing.  

After I helped qualify an airplane for a major airline to fly all over the world, I danced my way to the podium to receive my Thankyou.  I heard sneers.  And because sometimes my dancing can be so free, I've encountered many who berate my dancing in an attempt to quell and conform my spirit.  Others barely tolerate it, few embrace it.

Whatever category one chooses, it doesn't matter.  I will continue to dance as best I can through adversity and obstacle and to the utmost in celebration.  It is also my wish for you that however your rhythm comes to you....I hope you dance.  So dance.....

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  1. my uncle, your husband, told me that when I left for college... and guess what??? my feet not tired and I'm still going! Luv you guys. My inspiration!