Tuesday, October 14, 2014



On this day I took my first walk with purpose.  No it wasn't an event, fan-filled walk donning pink hats, shirts, sneakers--well I do have pink sneakers.  It was a purpose-filled walk for me and just for me.  My purpose to live a new normal with a familiar refrain--fitness.

My feet on sand... and dirt of course!

I've told you that during chemo, there were times I couldn't make it from my bed to my patio some twenty-five feet away.  But today, almost a year from my first chemo session, I took the walk of my new life.

It was a simple walk, two laps around the park near my home.

 It's a fragrant and poignant walk filled with lavender patches you can smell from the street as you approach the park.  Other wild-flowers provide a perfectly hued backdrop befitting a pacific sunset.

Fox Hills Park Trail

I didn't overdo it, but enough to get me motivated, sweating and in need of at least half of my required daily water intake.

Scores of lush greenery

God rewarded me with a few gifts... the sight of a majestic monarch intersected my path.  I watched a humming bird stab a trumpet vine.  It flitted away, I suspect out of hallowedness, but not before the essence of its beauty stained a moving imprint on my mind.

Today I stand with my feet on the sand... and dirt of course, living the life I want.  I can't wait to join Suki at Runyon Canyon, for now Fox Hills Park at Culver City will do more than adequately but abundantly.  #LivingthelifeIwant

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  1. I'm loving the shoes! Runyon Canyon is one of my favorite places to hike