Friday, July 24, 2015

I Am A Hypocrite!

And I AM DONE!  I am a hypocrite.  Here I am infuriated by the MURDER of SANDRA BLAND.  I am enraged by the injustices shadowing Garner, Martin, Brown, Rice and countless other faces and names we do not know.  Yet, I will flat out laugh, chuckle and applaud the mistreatment of my fellow brethren by watching us verbally and physically assault, batter and beat one another in these wretched (ratchet is a tool) shows we call entertainment.

Pardon me for a moment but I lost my mind.  I must have to even fathom considering perpetrating the filth in these television shows that are the opposite of Upliftment, Enlightenment, Godliness and Evolution.  Not only did I watch it, I'd DVR it just in case I missed something.  Well no more.

I will continue to speak out and stand up for the Sandra Bland(s) of the world.  I will no longer closet and perpetrate disdain, self-hate and insecurity and cloak it like a wet velvet blanket over my brothers and sisters.  I will not celebrate the ridicule of people on social media and other clandestine forums I've yet to discover.  I will not denigrate you because we believe and see differently although I will swiftly, curiously and sometimes firmly correct your missteps, misinterpretations and perpetration on me and in respect to mine.

Most importantly I will love.  I will love me and I will love you even if that means from a far.

Yes the tragedy in Sandra Bland has reached far.  I'm prepared to take the lesson to the stratosphere.


Whatever it takes to wake up,  #StayWoke!

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