Thursday, December 24, 2015

Why I Celebrate Christmas!

The miracle birth of Christ is first and foremost.  It is a season of thanks and giving, not necessarily in a momentous gift kind of way--a sister still loves a great gift--but in a giving of love, passion, friendship and peace kind of way.

For me, this is the season where you practice, kindness, patience, love and hope for the remainder of the year and the year to come.

For me, this is the season, the time when all strife, anger and disappointment takes respite.

As much as this season is spiritual and Holy Spirit filled, it is also cultural.  It's the time that with one glance reminds me of my cherished childhood as well as present and future opportunities for even greater moments and memories.

Sometimes I'm weepy.  I miss loved ones that transitioned.  I was just talking about how Cleon (transitioned) and Darren signed all of the gifts from my Aunt and Uncle, love Cleon and Darren.  Injeel shared with me how his brother Duane (transitioned) taught him to wrap gifts.  My husband is an outstanding gift wrapper.  I miss my family back East as well.  Their all preparing for our family Christmas Eve traditions while putting together the meal that is sure to please, tomorrow.

And I get it, for some this season is most difficult, especially with the recent transition of a loved one.  It is my prayer that even in that loss and transition, one finds joy.  That is my prayer.

With all of that, Christmas is still one of my favorite times of the year because it is a true representation of Love.

So with all of that said....  Merry Christmas! Love The Harrises!

2015 Holiday Cheer!


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