Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Making The Grade: The Talk

About a year ago, I introduced a new series to you called Making The Grade on my other blog For The Love Of The Game by GirlTD. This series within For The Love Of The Game is designed to shine light on new shows we like or at least we believe should be granted a chance. With "The Game" fast approaching the season finale, room is being made for Girls interested in Television and Film Diversity to branch out and discuss some other favorites.

The Talk, featuring Julie Chen, Sharon Osbourne, Aisha Tyler, Sara Gilbert and--yes saving the best for last--Sheryl Underwood is a fun, sometimes serious talk show success. Everyday, The Talk touches on obscure and common hot topics, pull in interesting guests and do a good job of "talking" about the things we want to hear and talk about. They use social media well, often holding twitter parties for after show conversation. If you live on the East Coast, during the live show, they read real time tweets and Facebook comments. It is for this reason we give the show an

I know you're thinking, why not an A+ or just an A? A- is a really good grade and there is always room for improvement. Rather than talk about what could be improved, I want to discuss what makes this show work so well.

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Julie Chen really does a nice job anchoring the show. She infuses her life, is genuine about her experiences and pulls you in with warmth. Sharon Osbourne is a hoot. She's funny, witty, well connected and I love her I'm going to say what I think no matter what you think attitude. She is a "face it front on" kind of lady. I like her style (and so does my Dad). Aisha balances funny, with common sense intelligence well. She's opinionated and palatable; she says what she believes regardless of popularity. Sara gives an empathetic angle that is grounded and well sensed. And the reason for The Talk even entering the A category, Sheryl Underwood. We first posted about Sheryl replacing Holly Robinson Peete and giving her a chance; the marketplace will decide--my usual mantra . And so we have. Sheryl did well with her chance; she is funny and smart and funny. If the air gets thick she infuses the funny to thin it. However, there are times when talk is not funny and I love how Sheryl knows how to stand her ground and can go toe to toe with anybody. She says what we're thinking.

Another reason why I like the show is because the women act, sound and think like women. If they don't get along or like each other, they do an amazing job of hiding it. They make for really pleasant television and they've mastered the art of disagreeing without being disagreeable. For the show to remain a success, they must maintain this posture. People don't want to watch people that don't like each other or dis-ingenuity. Most like to walk away feeling good about a show opposed to vexation.

The Talk got it right. I hope the ladies and the network keep it right. Good job Ladies! Good Job! If Daytime Emmys get it right, you'll win--hands down!

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