Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Practice What You Preach!

Today I concluded an important mini-fast.  I use adjective mini because it lasted (as it was planned) for  15 hours.  I wanted to prep for a new journey, take on a new direction and rid my space of self-imposed obstacles that are holding me back.  During my last few weeks of reflection, I got it.  I must streamline toward my God driven purpose.  What I know today is that I’ve distinguished my purpose from my hobby.  My purpose is to write, to author, to lead and to mentor.  How I do that, in exactly which medium is still being worked out, but I know I am to write.  With that being said, I’ve also determined that while I immensely enjoy wine, it is not my purpose.  It may be a passion but more importantly it is my hobby.  
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 Armed with that knowledge, I’ve enrolled in school, chosen to take my wine business to a minimum and committed to writing as my purpose and my main occupation.  I am sure this stance will evolve.  For now, this is the road I am traveling on.

Speaking of road, anyone who knows me, knows I have a number of mainstay motivations to keep me going and encourage others.  If you walk up to me and say, I want to write a book, I’ve always wanted to write a book, I’ll be the first to respond, “Write It!  Here’s how….write everyday…commit to your story…enjoy your characters….”  One of my favorite sayings that I recently shared online is that you must embrace and seek to enjoy the journey; don’t focus on the result.  What I know for sure, is that if one (I) is (am) committed more to the end result than the journey, you (I) won't last to see the result.
Well easier said than done.  I recently put out a book.  It is my first publication in six years.  I am excited.  It is a book that will help.  In fact it is called, Help! My Best Friend Just Got Married, Can We Still Be Friends?  It’s only $1.99—you missed the .99 cent sale—and the first in a line of easy, fun to read Help series. 
Today I entered into the system to change the price points in Nook and Kindle and hit the sales tab.  I was excited.  People I didn’t know or know of and I’ve encountered advised that they downloaded my book.  I didn’t expect to have sold five thousand copies as of today, although it would have been outstanding, but I certainly expected that I would have sold  many more than 2, yes I said it 2 copies.  Now this was just one site but I must admit it, my heart dropped. 
I thought to myself, “Really?  Is what I’m doing even worth it?  After all I’ve been in the game officially since 2002 and this is the result I have to show, two books?”  I allowed myself to wallow for three minutes—exactly.  Then I was reminded of what has resonated in my spirit from notable speakers such as DeVon Franklin, Iyanla Vanzant, Oprah and others.  I’ve said it myself.  I have to enjoy the journey and shun the focus on the result.  This is especially so if I am running toward God’s purpose for my life.

I enjoyed having the conversation that led to the book.  I especially enjoyed awaking to the writing of it and when I finished, I enjoyed the completion of the book, the satisfaction that another one down, many more to go.  When I reflect properly, I recognize that I am enjoying the journey.  I’m going to keep on enjoying the journey, because if I didn’t have the opportunity to write, God only knows where I’d be.


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  1. As always, my beautiful sister-in-law, you are utterly inspiring and indeed, Inspired (hoping you caught the meaning of the capitalization). Doing what He has anointed you to do is its own reward. Keep telling Him yes and all other things will follow. Love you......Steffan.