Tuesday, September 2, 2014

MY FEET IN THE SAND: The Grateful Challenge...

A friend challenged me to the viral "Grateful Challenge" taking hold of social media.  I took the challenge that prompted me for the next five days, to present three or five reasons I'm grateful.  I can't remember how many reasons I was supposed to post, so I erred on the side of caution and posted five per day.

Gladstone's in Malibu
Medium Seafood Tower
On the first day, five reasons came easily.  By the third day, I found that I had to think about it. 

I'm a God-fearing woman.  My twitter profile boldly states that I Love who's seated on the Right Hand of The Father!  So I was dismayed that I had to "think up" five specifics for gratefulness. 

After praying and pondering my thoughts, I realized that I need not be ashamed about having to ponder my gratefulness.  I recognized some seemingly small reasons turned me on to some big ones. 

It is with this revelation that I reveal one of my reasons for gratefulness, this weekend.  My Uncle Michael and Aunt Sabrina.  My father's youngest brother, and one who aided in raising me and my sister during his tenure living with us, came to visit me this weekend.

It was glorious. 

Now three weeks--a pinky toe--out of Cancer, I was able to partake in many activities that I couldn't participate in for months.  This was my family's first visit to California.  It wasn't enough time to see everything--it never is--but we had the best time.  On Wednesday we visited Malibu...

The view of the hills from Malibu

On Thursday, they handled Pink's. 

On Friday we visited LACMA Jazz

Friday Night Jazz at @LACMA


On Saturday, Hollywood: sign, Madame Tussaud's, Hollywood & Highland, Hancock Park, Beverly Hills...

Auntie & Uncle, Me gettin' booked for being too bootylicious, hubby and Robin Williams R.I.P.
Me stealing Forest's box of chocolates...
Culminating with Sunday morning service at West Angeles Church of God and Christ where Bishop preached about laying aside those things that weight us down and finally a cookout.  I normally make the steaks but my Uncle showed us how you really do it with steak, ribs, grilled onions, grilled corn on the cob in the husk, homemade Cole Slaw, salmon burgers, hot dogs & pear and gorgonzola spinach salad.... and more....

My point?  My Uncle and Auntie called and thanked me profusely for my husband's and my hospitality.  What they don't know is that being here for those few days--I'm already bribing them for their return--rejuvenated and revived me in ways they could not imagine.

I am so grateful to God.  I am so thankful.  I am humbled in the presence of the Lord!  #MakingMemories!  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!  #Family!

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