Tuesday, October 21, 2014

DIVAS SIMPLY SINGING! Raising Awareness and Funds for HIV and AIDS

For the twenty-fourth year, the HIV/AIDS epidemic grabs a boost towards awareness, prevention, education and total eradication with the longest consecutive running benefit-- DIVAS SIMPLY SINGING. 

The actress, singer, producer, philanthropist and all around DIVA--Divinely Inspired Victoriously Anointed-- founder Sheryl Lee Ralph took the stage; to say the evening was to be electrified would be a grave understatement.

Sheryl Lee Ralph
24th annual HIV/AIDS BENEFIT
 DIVAS SIMPLY SINGING... the longest consecutive running musical HIV/AIDS benefit in the country showcased outstanding talent.  "Tonight we celebrate and continue to fight the good fight... we'll hear from singers that only need a light and a mic and no auto-tune!"  In other words, these Divinely Inspired Victoriously Anointed women and men can and did sing the roof off of the Ricardo Montleban Theater in Hollywood.

The night started off with Ralph's Divas in training, average age of fifteen years old, a group Ralph found from You Tube named Auburn Road.  With harmony that descended from heaven, these angelic voices made us stand up before we could solidly get in our seats.

Auburn Road Band
By bike, one of my all time favorites, Jenifer Lewis (Black-ish), rode in on stage.  Comedically, she framed the night then ushered us into a hurricane of song and spoken word by treasured familiars and new comers: Loretta Devine (Original DREAMGIRL cast member, Grey's Anatomy); Kenny Lattimore (Recording Artist); Syleena Johnson (R&B Divas, AtlantaRenee Lawless (Haves and Have Nots); Michel'le (R&B Divas, Los Angeles); Anita Wilson (Inspirational Recording Artist); Jamar Rodgers (The Voice); Michelle Williams (Destiny's Child, Fix My Choir); GLP- Get Lit Players (Spoken Word Phenom) to name a few.

Then a relatively new Diva graced the stage.  A quiet confidence surrounded her just before she was set to perform.  Her name is Angie Fisher (Recording Artist) and by the time she finished, not only did she receive a well-earned standing ovation, the stage was left ablaze.  Not sure you know who she is?  Listen to the song below.  When I thought my goose bumps could rise no higher, Alex Newell (Glee) stepped on the stage and he intensified the flame Fisher left behind.
Legendary Icons are in the building
Beverly Todd, Me, Judy Pace
The night rounded out with a moving tribute to Legendary Diva and HIV/AIDS activist Dionne Warwick.  A sneak peak of the musical Mighty Real starring uber talent Anthony Wayne, also produced by Ralph, carried us out of the theater dancing to the disco heat of the late great Sylvester.

The night concluded with information about the re-rising statistics of new HIV/AIDS cases especially amongst communities of color and the LGBT communities.  We are charged to get tested, be informed, steadfast and to fight.

@StopPopandrock and me

To donate to this worthy cause and keep the fight going visit www.thedivafoundation.org  Now enjoy the song and songstress we got to enjoy live:

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