Monday, October 6, 2014



Remember Hair #1 who came back to reside on my chin?  Had the nerve to bring a friend!  The friend called his parents and siblings to dwell within--the neighborhood--now the OGHair chooses to avenge... he's called his posse and now a mini-city is created on my chinny chin chin.

I'm proud to introduce a new series entitled WHERE ARE MY EYEBROWS?  A look into my life after Cancer. 

This series was inspired by the fact that hair has returned all over my body, places I desire, some places I could do without like my chin, but my eyebrows are nowhere to be found.

MY FEET IN THE SAND, the series is going nowhere and will appear from time to time.  We'll still broach hot topics with Checkin' Up and Checkin' In.  I also thought to share some funny at times poignant anecdotes concerning my strides, quests and life after Cancer.

So get ready with me to answer the question, Where Are My Eyebrows?

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