Thursday, November 13, 2014

WHERE ARE MY EYEBROWS?: Lipstick Angels & EcoBrow's Got 'Em!


Although growing in, I've still been struggling to find those eye-brows.  I found them.  I found eyebrows amongst a group of Angels, Lipstick Angels, that is!

Using the power of Beauty to transform & heal
On a Thursday, I got a call from a producer of The Queen Latifah Show.  She'd read my email and was interested in my story.  I told her that I was one of three flight attendants for a major airline, having gone and going through the fight of Breast Cancer--together.

After a few phone interviews and more calls, on Friday we were booked to shoot on the show, receive free wigs from Sherri Shepherd to aid in our hair loss and pampering from an organization that specializes in beautifying chemo patients right in the hospital infusion rooms.

On the Sunday prior to the taping, Founder and Head Angel Renata Helfman was to pamper us with a slew of feel good product sponsored by: Burt's Bees, Glo Minerals, Tarte, Street Saint and Pratima and EcoBrow (Beverly Hills) to name a few. I was leery, I must admit.

We traveled only a few minutes away to a condo in Santa Monica and was greeted by Head Angel herself Renata and Cosmo, her adorable pooch.  We were led up the stairs to an art-deco laced condo with a breath taking view.  Renata's Auntie Judie provided water, juice and delicious snacks.

Santa Monica View
Then Renata Blessed us, first with purpose.  She was a one woman show who wanted to give back.  A twenty-year plus veteran of make-up artistry, the best way she could give back to Cancer patients was to transform and aid healing through beauty.  So she visited the hospitals only to find a program had been set up to address other needs of Cancer patients.  No programs addressed loss of, eyebrows, hyper-pigmentation and other beauty regimens.

Through the hospitals Renata traveled.  With her base established at Cedar-Sinai, Renata added color, pizazz and the gift of touch to people experiencing Cancer and the effects of chemo.  Soon her other friends from the industry joined in and now Renata dispenses over 100 Angels throughout Southern California to use the power of beauty to transform and heal.  "My goal is to have this program in every hospital throughout the nation..."  Renata boasts.

Now at ease, Renata got to work on me.  Lovingly and gently she cleansed my face using all natural and aromatic product that sent my senses to soar. 

Renata 'beating' those brows
EcoBrow defining wax
Penelope Brunette
Then she applied the pizzazz.  All, I emphasize all of her products are organic, natural and great for the skin.  When I emerged from her chair, I felt like a Queen and the Husband got the benefit of my feel good when I got home.

On Monday I was graced by another Angel: Shannon Irene.  We laughed, talked and she made me glow with pride as I graced the stage. 

I will never ever forget my amazing experience with the Lipstick Angels.  Cancer/chemo can be so ugly at times.  To have one to help you to feel so beautiful is well... ANGELic.  Lipstick Angel angelic.

Me after Lipstick Angel Magic


To donate to or volunteer with this amazing wonderful cause check them out at  Renata is taking her mission nationally.  A little birdie told me, this movement is going Global.  Let's all get on board.

l-r Jermica, Renata, Me

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