Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Born Again Virgin: Smart and Funny and TV One's Best Kept Secret

I almost missed the boat on this one.

Born Again Virgin
TV One
Wednesdays, 10/9c
Finale airs tonight
I woke up this morning earlier than usual.  After prayer and digging the crust from my eyes, I remained in bed and turned on the television.  Because it was so early, I immediately flipped to TV One with the hopes of catching a beloved marathon of one of my fav re-runs, Girlfriends or A Different World.

I stumbled upon a marathon run of Born Again Virgin. Months before,  I'd seen the ads for this seemingly cute series. When the first show aired, I admit I gave it only a cursory glance, thinking... hmm... not much to interest me here.  I can see this one coming a country road away, I thought.  I was wrong.

I watched.  From the roota to the toota as an Aunt of mine would say.  I watched every episode up until the finale which airs tonight at 9pm on TV One.  I am now hooked and so glad I didn't miss the boat on this one.

 I found a delightful gem, filled with quirky, believable modern-day characters, tight and clever dialogue and eye candy for both genders--hold onto your love handles--that can really act.

For those of us who have been hiding from this one let me give you the quick and dirty.  Born Again Virgin follows 34 year-old up and coming blogger Jenna (played by Danielle Nicolet) as she vows celibacy to stave off her rising lover body count which threatens to trump her age.  Helping her on this increasingly torturous journey is uber-sharp and intelligent advertising executive friend, Kelly (played by Meagan Holder) and climbing star pal Tara (played by Eva Marcille) who'll do anything for fame.  Working Jenna's nerves into an over-time tingle is new neighbor Donovan (played so ever-loving finely by Tank) and Kelly's nemesis and pain-in-the-ass boss Charles is just that a love to not-so-much (played by Chris Spencer).

What you have is a Martin-like chemistry of cast members against a back drop of true friends making it through the world of crazy one day at a time.  Speaking of Martin, Pam (Tichina Arnold, Survivor's Remorse, Martin) is guest starring in the finale. I can't wait to watch the comedy ooze from Arnold's finger tips.

The show is funny and refreshingly written with common sense.  As I watched, I found myself laughing and speaking aloud, "...Yes, now that's what I would say or what my friend would do..."  The show is genuine and finally we have dialogue escaping Black people's mouths that is anything from obvious, melo-dramatic or predictable.

I'm so glad this one didn't pass me by.  More importantly I'm elated that due to week to week ratings gains, TV One renewed this perky jewel for a second season.

I'll definitely be watching the back to back finale tonight.  If you want a show that's light, quirky and smart-funny, you'll watch with me.

Born Again Virgin is no longer a secret.

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