Sunday, September 13, 2015

Survivor's Remorse: ReCap S2 Ep.4 "Homebound"

This week on Survivor's Remorse, Cam and Reggie take the show on the road--back to Beantown.  Normally a trip to Boston wouldn't be a problem but it is.  Since missing six games because of Hurricane M-Chuck, Cam is in the eye of a slump and only the performance of several seemingly ridiculous superstitious acts are the solutions to his horrific losing streak.  REGGIE!!!!!!

Survivor's Remorse
Season 2
Upon arrival, Cam finds that his hotel room faces the wrong side of the Charles River.  The last time the Atlanta team blew the home town away, the River flowed in the other direction.  REGGIE!!!!

Next stop, The Dennis & Callahan Sport's Radio Show.  These two drill Cam about his slew of misfires, not so subtly blaming Cam's demise on the racist town of Atlanta, far more racist than Boston could ever be.  Ultimately, Dennis & Callahan solidify that Atlanta is not receiving in Cam what they bargained for.  REGGIE!!!!

The next hoop Reggie must maneuver for Cam includes but is not limited to bribing an arena official with a bottle of twenty-year old Irish whiskey from the wrong region in Ireland to accommodate Cam's seven-hundred pound good luck charm also known as Cam's high school coach.  Well maybe not seven hundred pounds but the man who needs a zip-line to the shitter--his words not mine--is well on his way.  Cam insists that Reggie has coach in a floor seat(s) during the game, never-mind that he'll take up the whole floor.  This hoop involves Reggie hiring people to tear out a wall in Coach's home, having him hoisted out of bed and onto a flat bed to be transported 5.8 miles away to the arena. Thankfully for REGGIE!!! the coach refuses to go.

Meanwhile back on the Atlanta plantation, literally--Missy takes Cassie and Hurricane on a tour of a replicated Antebellum Georgia complete with full functioning plantation full of singing slaves and a Django-like Miss Ann leading the tour.  Hurricane is infuriated by this display and strikes blows in the name of eradicating all racism and remnants of it.  Disgusted by the minstrel show, Hurricane aka M-Chuck storms off in search of an Uber to carry her back to the free world and far away from Miss Ann and her band of Merry-Men slaves.

Back in Boston, Cam has demanded his lucky high school boxers be overnighted before the game-- the shorts he can't win without.  To pay it whatever it is forward and at the demand of Cassie, Reggie must deliver eight roasted chickens to a recently downtrodden family friend, and alas the hotel room is switched.  Fast forward to the next morning... the boxers finally arrive and Cam blames not having them as the reason--brace yourself--for his abysmal performance and the team's loss.

A fed up Reggie then blasts Cam for his shenanigans.  And then comes the Line of the Night: "...I'll keep doing it.  All your weak-minded, pittilly-ass, pecadillo superstitious bullshit...What sends me is that you keep asking me to do it.  Whice means is that you ain't growing..."  Now that was the line of the night and the beautiful crux of this series.  Whenever one or all gets out of line, somebody catches the balls to reel each other in.  It's what I love about this show.  It's smart, it's real, it's funny but I digress...

Back to the plantation... Hurricane and Miss Ann connect.  The next morning, Miss Ann and (now) Mary-Charles are found spooning in the official Watley Plantation bedroom, next to the confederate flag.  They are awakened by a group of school children and a teacher who don't look shocked but fascinated.  One student comments on how hot the scene looks.  Miss Ann still in her under-garments exclaims how she's so fired.  This leads us to the second best line delivered for the night... "Good."~M-Chuck aka Mary-Charles aka Hurricane.

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