Friday, December 4, 2015

The Wiz, live SPECTACULAR!

The Wiz, live

I must have been about ten years old.  Daddy got us four front row center seats.  I didn’t know what it was about but when that girl appeared on stage, chocolate complexion with long ponytails, a white frilly dress and a red ribbon around her waist, I was in awe.

Original Broadway Version
The Wiz f  Stephanie Mills
Silently I sat in the front row.  Silence was no small feat for me but I was mesmerized.  I watched a girl who looked like me sing her face off.  Sitting in the front row also gave us a view of the pit, the musician's area.  That view was equally stunning for there was a girl—look Daddy—a girl was playing the drums.  Who knew that girls could play drums? I remember thinking.  The music was fantastic, the energy electrifying!

It wasn’t until tonight that I realize, there my love for the theater was born.  And tonight I was magically transformed back to that place, the moment I witnessed magic.  

Tonight, when Stephanie Mills stepped onstage I was transported back to that time in the seventies when the Original Wiz, the Broadway production was performed live, eight shows a week.  In the middle of my bed I propped myself on my knees.  If it weren’t for the fact that the show was two hours and forty-five minutes, I would still be on my knees.  I did remain in the middle of my bed and when Stephanie finished and every number after that I clapped so loudly, I’m sure I was heard from Los Angeles to New York.

The Wiz LIVE
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 Live theater is a gift and tonight, The Wiz, live was a theatrical wonder.  I loved every morsel.  The colors were so vibrant. The costuming was enchanted.  The singing, dancing, choreography, music and performances were breath-taking.  As a theatrically trained actor, everything I love was displayed tonight: Energy, dialogue, movement, momentous living performances, spontaneity, television and life.  The Wiz, live gave me life.

All Hail @IAMQueenLatifah!

I was reminded of what I love and why I love it and I got to visualize and breathe in excellence. 

The Wiz, live… A ball of wonderment! And something to behold.  

What did you think of The Wiz LIVE?  What and who were your favorites?   

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