Saturday, August 18, 2012

Blogging For Authors: As Essential As Cooked Food!

For many years I’ve been told that managing editors of major publishing houses despise bloggers.  I was told that blogging would be the death of true authorship and that authors who blogged were considered watered-down purveyors of the craft and were not to be taken seriously. 

So for years, I listened to the hearsay—never an opinion from an actual editor—and whenever I courted editors, I billed myself as a strict traditionalist in the craft of writing.  Well the blogasphere almost passed me up, that is until an acquaintance suggested I attend a blogging conference to be held in Miami called Blogalicious.  She also suggested that networking, entering and participating in the blogasphere may generate traffic to my brand. 

Now if you’d asked me—prior to attending the conference—if I were a blogger, I would have answered yes.  After all it was ‘all the rave’.  “Of course I am.”  I would declare although truthfully I didn’t know what blogging was.  However, once I learned and realized the scope of blogging I became addicted.

I’ve come to understand that blogging is essentially the same birth process of writing a novel, only on a smaller and instant scale.  I get the same satisfaction of completion as I do when finishing a book.  Only with blogging that satisfactions comes a lot faster.

Blogging became my hero when I found myself in a rut.  For years, I’d worked on a project that didn’t work.  I couldn’t finish it.  I wouldn’t finish it.  I didn’t have writer’s block, I had writer’s meteoric boulder.  Although I learned years ago that you can always correct something bad on the page, you can’t correct a blank page~Jodi Piccoult, I couldn’t bring closure to this one project.

For about a year, I stopped writing.  I was compelled to write my first post about six months after the conference.  I was immediately hooked.  Blogging got my juices flowing.  It was and remains cathartic.  Blogging forced me to rekindle my passion with renewed vigor and purpose.  Blogging re-instilled my discipline.

As a result, a few completed manuscripts that once gathered dust in my drawer were resuscitated. The first of which is to be released in the next 7 days.

In 2012 I am happy to report that I am an ecstatic Author-Blogger who proudly engages in social media.  For me blogging has become as essential to me as cooked food.  Blogging helped me to get back in the game and I’m happy for it.  Blogging for Authors—at least this one—is critical and almost as essential for the author as cooked food.

So you want to be a writer?  Start Blogging!

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