Monday, August 20, 2012

She's Almost Here! 1pd. 5oz.

On August 25, 2012 I become an author Again! 

Giving life to a project whether it be a book, a record, a play, a building, a business or any project that has been placed in the seat of your soul, is much like giving birth to a baby.  The process is identical to birth.  You are impregnated with an idea and it takes a considerable amount of time to feed and nurture.  Now unlike a baby, a project has no set amount of time feeding and nurturing takes to cause birth.  But when the birth occurs, I imagine, like giving birth to a baby, the same overwhelming relief of what can be a painful process can occur to produce life’s incomparable joy. 

This is exactly how I’m feeling with the release of my third book.  Like with an infant, I hold some anxiety, hoping the book will do what it is purposed to do, be what it is purposed to be.  Of course I hope it will provide freedom and clarity for someone—yes I hope it helps.  However, whatever this book does for someone else, for me it makes me an Author again!  It feels so good….Here We Grow Again, we’ve grown and you’re next…..

Here’s a sonogram of my baby!  She’s so Cute!

5 days to go before she’s here!

From The Bottom Up,


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