Wednesday, August 15, 2012

From Book To Thought and Back To Book

In 2006 I published my second novel through then Epiphany Publishing House, LLC now Epiphany Books.  For me, it started out as a conversation about a real life hot topic, platonic friendships.  As I explored the possibilities and probabilities of the subject, I found that opinions were strong and as diverse as the stars in our galaxy.  As recorded in Nothing Special…Just Friends?, I would bring the subject up at every event, party or gathering I attended.  Finally those divergent opinions helped me to complete my award winning novel.

After the book release, the book signings and cross country promotions, the conversation continued.  It continued between me and family, friends and strangers, often me using Nothing Special…Just Friends? as the framework.  While discussing the premise of the book during my travels—I often had to convince readers the book was worth their time and ten bucks—people would share their own personal stories of maneuvering platonic friendships.  Some yielded successful relationships on two sides of the three sided coin, others not so much.  However the talks were always interesting, engaging and sometimes eye-widening. 

My mind is like a steel trap.  I have a knack for recalling factoids, stories and situations.  I might not remember your name but share pieces of a story and I’ll at least recall you through that story. 
So fast forward three years, and I’m on the phone with my cousin Ametra.  What are we talking about?  The Book and the over-all nature of platonic friendships.  She shares some of her past experiences, I share mine and a usual three hour conversation ensues.  However, our talks are rarely just talks; a conclusion and/or solution has to come up somewhere.  As conclusions and woulda, shoulda, couldas surfaced, those vignettes from three years ago also re-surface.  

Ametra and I got off of the phone.  I learned a long time ago, rarely does one say anything to writer that isn’t seen again.  Three days later I had the first draft of Help! My Best Friend Just Got Married, Can We Still Be Friends? completed.  For the next ten days, you’ll get an inside look of how and why this book came into fruition.  You’ll get sneak peak views before the 8/25/12 release date and get a backstage view of some of my ups and downs.  You will also be the first to view the cover and win some great prizes along the way.  So, the journey begins….Thanks for taking it with me! The Countdown begins today.....10

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