Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Donald Trump: The Gift That Keeps On Giving... To The GOP That Is

I get it.  Donald Trump, by design, is firing up the base of a small majority of Americans.

I don't believe the GOP is as appalled as they would have us consider.  I surmise that a varied amount of contingent GOP presidential candidates want to say what Donald Trump says, but they won't. Donald Trump can say whatever he wants to say and he does.  He has nothing to lose.  Trump gets the cauldron boiling very early in these preliminaries and a year from now that support automatically shifts to the primed GOP presidential candidate.  Mark my words.

You see, the pied-piper masses that exclaim their respect and loyalty to Trump is because of how he speaks his mind.  I'd correct you.  If you support Trump, more than your admiration for how he speaks his mind; I suspect your support is because of how he speaks your mind.  Make America Great White  Again, is his truth .  He touts a war on immigrants while two of three of his wives are immigrants.

He speaks in unnamed statistics using phraseology like, "... Many scholars are set to challenge the laws--14th Amendment--that guaranteed citizenship is afforded to all persons born in the United States of America."  Who is many and who are these scholars he speaks of?  Name them one by one.   He tells bold-faced lies when challenged by lame-stream and mainstream media concerning foreign and immigrant policy.

"He wasn't called on... He stood up and started screaming..." Trump said when addressing why he had critically acclaimed journalist Jorge Ramos tossed out of a press conference.  No question Ramos presented was answered and although persistent, Ramos raised his voice not once.  Trump told Ramos to go back to Univision then demanded that Ramos tell him how much Univision was being sued for by Trump.  This banter followed Trump's claim that he doesn't know who Ramos is.  Lies.  I've heard them before.  "They're criminals, they're rapists..."  These lies are similar to those we grapple with today... "I feared for my life, he reached for my gun, the weapon he used was by his side all along, he had a weapon..." The list goes on and on and barring us watching the exchange on video, Trump would have us believe Ramos actually screamed and yelled because Trump said it over and over again.  It's dishonest, dis-ingenuous and automatically removes Trump from consideration for thinking people.  Trump later had Ramos return to the press conference only to not answer any question posed.

Trump is a fraud.  His posturing is laughable.  Now NBC has followed the path of Univision and cut ties for all pageants and famed staged "boardroom" reality show The Apprentice.  Let's remember, Trump doesn't own The Apprentice, it is owned by Mark Burnett, Survivor fame and other reality shows.  I'm not upset about the canceling of the show, I stopped watching years ago when Dr. Randall Pinkett, an African-American scholar creamed the runner-up for Season 4 a Caucasian woman.  Trump offered Pinkett a chance to share his victory with the runner-up.  Appropriately, Pinkett declined, explaining "the name of the show is The Apprentice not The Apprenti [apprentices]".  From that moment on, I was done with the show.

Trump doesn't own controlling interests in any of his buildings including Trump Towers and casinos. He has declared bankruptcy several times. Trump is expert at manipulating lame-stream media, branding and selling his name. We're not impressed nor fooled.  Well maybe we are impressed.  The very industry he claims to lead is not how he makes his money.  "I'm a builder, that's what I do... the best in the world... a wall is easy... [and guess what] Mexico is going to pay for it..."  In other words you slap your name on it and everybody else pays.

While some GOP candidates speak eloquently in Spanish to display their bravado and inclusion mantra, others deem Trump a cancer that must be eradicated.  The boiling point love affair and dance between the G.O.P. and Trump maintains and continues.  It will be interesting to see which candidate Trump throws his bigoted, ignorant magnet support behind.  Better yet, it will be more interesting to see who accepts it.

This is Toni Staton Harris Checkin' Up and In on All Things GOP.  We see you.

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  1. Of course! That's exactly what he is doing. And, he will deliver his supporting voters to the highest bidding candidate!