Saturday, September 5, 2015

Survivor's Remorse: The REcap Season 2 EP. 3

Imagine having to go to your son, or your breadwinner for approval for a vaginal rejuvenation surgery.

If your name is Cassie Calloway, a woman who birthed and raised a super-star, mega-rich son, you may have to.  You see, insurance doesn't cover vaginal rejuvenation and because you are living off of your son's largess you may have to disguise desired enhancements as a dire need.

Cassie Calloway
played by Tichina Arnold
Starz, Survivor's Remorse 
 Well, once your son figures out that your desire is not dire, you may have some maneuvering to do.

Cam is back on the court. M-chuck is is doing public service and Cassie is just doing.

After hearing Mama Cassie get her groove back with her conquest, Mama decides that she needs to tighten things up downtown.  She doesn't traumatize her son with the details, only that she has to have a medical procedure to save her life.

Mama Cassie isn't lying. The procedure she looks to have will save her life, a life put off to have children at a young age and train them in the way they must go.

What happens this week is why we love Mama Cassie. She's bold, brassy but most importantly self-aware and ready to take on the spoils of being rich.  It doesn't matter what her family thinks, she's going for self and if Cam knows what's best he better rally the rest of his team and get on board.

After minimal coaching and TMI, Cam agrees to pay for Cassie's wishes.  His issue, it's Mama and her surgery will not go off without the Calloway brand of brash.  In a post drug induced stupor Cassie displays her new vagina before Calloway Court.  TMI.

The lesson:  Parents are people not perfect.  Even after raising you they have a life to raise of their own.  And while you may or may not fund that lifestyle it doesn't matter.  What matters is every individual right to pursue their brand of happiness and if you are the one footing the bill, so be it.  It doesn't negate their right to choose.

Foot the bill and shut the **** up.  In the words of Kelly Price & Mama Cassie, "It's my time to shine..."

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